WATCH: Deputy pulls shooting victim to safety

Volusia County Sheriff's Office spokesman Gary Davidson says Rosado's wife had been trying to separate from her husband when he went to a home where she was, locking her inside.  Three children, between the ages of 23 months to 7 years, were also inside the house.

Deputies said they took cover behind a planter in the yard.  That's when the shots came out of the home and toward deputies, who returned fire.  Rosado wasn't hit and later surrendered.

In video recorded by one of the responding deputy's body camera, you can see a dramatic rescue.  Deputy Justin Ferrari, who heard gunshots, ran to help his fellow deputies and ultimately carried the shooting victim -- and later,  her children -- to safety.   The video was posted on the Facebook page of the Sheriff's Office.  

"When we say law enforcement officers run toward danger as others run away, this is what we're talking about," read language accompanying the video.