Walmart employee stabbed; suspect 'incompetent' to stand trial

The family of a Walmart employee who was stabbed to death at work says the man accused of killing him shouldn't be sent to a mental hospital.

"I’m very upset. It’s like a slap in the face."

For Sabrina Jones, it’s been a difficult 5 months, since her nephew Davon Brown was stabbed to death while working at Walmart. Now, the man accused of killing him has been ruled incompetent to stand trial.

"That was a devastating blow because no one contacted us, no one called and no one tried to reach out to the family."

Jones says the suspect, Caswayne Williams, needs to stand trial rather than be sent to a mental hospital. Court records show he was ruled incompetent, after two doctors examined him. But Sabrina questions the court ruling

"He’s playing a role that he’s crazy. He’s not crazy. Anybody can get out there and play crazy."

Police say Williams was fired from Walmart for making racial and derogatory remarks towards Brown. They arrested Williams after viewing surveillance of the attack.

"He’s real smart. I’m trained in behavioral observation because I’m a teacher and I’ve watched him and nothing gave me an indication that he wasn’t in his right mind or even on medication."

Jones says she went to the store prior to the murder to meet Williams, after Brown mentioned he was concerned for his safety.

"He talked real smart, he yes ma’am me. Miss Sabrina, yes ma’am. He’s very intelligent. He knows what he’s doing." 

She plans to ask the state attorney’s office to appeal the decision.

"I want him to stand trial for what he’s done. Because what he’s done don’t make no sense.  He was jealous of his position and he wanted his position."

Jones says she misses her nephew’s big smile and incredible energy. She plans to fight for him, for as long as it takes.

"I’m gonna see my nephew get some justice so he can rest in peace."

We reached out to the State Attorney's office for comment and are waiting to hear back. Jones says Davon's father will fly in from Georgia this weekend and they plan to meet with prosecutors next week.