Vultures invade East Orange County neighborhood

The Tudor Grove community in East Orange County has some unwelcomed neighbors, vultures.

“You can see them on everybody’s house around the neighborhood, it just looks like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie,” said Andrew Wright, homeowner. “This is the worst year that we’ve experienced, in the eleven years that we’ve lived here.”

Turkey vultures gathering by the hundreds.“200 or so at the worst scenario will be out here,” said Wright.

Homeowner Andrew Wright says they are damaging property.

“They come and peck at the screen enclosure, you can hear them scratching at it and they jump on it like a trampoline,” said Wright.

The vultures keep ripping his pool lanai screen. Wright tells us he’s already had to spend $1,500 on repairs this year. So, the homeowner turned to the community’s Home Owner’s Association to remove the birds but says they refused to do anything.

“They said, they can’t do anything about it because it’s not their responsibility,” said Wright.

Wright believes it’s the HOA’s duty to address this problem.

“Everybody in this neighborhood pays handsomely to live here and we expect our HOA to do something about a problem that comes up,” said Wright.

FOX 35 attempted to contact the HOA President and HOA management team but was unsuccessful.