Volusia County vacation rentals busy following year of uncertainty

So far, 2021 is proving to be a good year for vacation rentals in Volusia County and other parts of Florida.

Nejma Peter rents out three units above her Flagler Avenue boutique in New Smyrna Beach. Last year, she was faced with uncertainty and cancellations. 

But this year, she says it’s booming. 

"From December to now, and I’m booked practically back-to-back," she said. 

She said her guests are also opting to stick around longer.

"And I have also guests who are staying a little longer. In the past it was mostly the weekends," she said. 

Maggie Egan works with Greater Ocean Condos. She said there’s a new type of client this year -- young professionals now able to work from anywhere in the world.

"We’re essentially a Zoom town now," she said.  "Why work from home when you can work in a beautiful well-equipped property?"

She said many of her clients also want to look at the property to potentially become permanent residents. 

"They come here and they realize hey we love it there’s nothing better than the fresh air and the ocean," she said.

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