Volusia County teachers want superintendent replaced

At a recent meeting of the union which represents Volusia County teachers, leaders gave their members some classwork, asking them list how some school district policies have have hurt their classrooms, students, and their own families.

During a news conference on Thursday, the union president and leaders called for the Volusia County School Board to replace Superintendent Tom Russell and spelled-out their beef with the district.  They said administrators are micro-managing their classroom teaching.  They also said necessary technology, like printers and projectors, are getting pulled out of their classrooms.

There are long-standing teaching openings and vacancies within the district, jobs union leaders said no one wants to take, and they argue that stop-gap solutions, like a 30-minute-longer school day, aren't the answer.

Seventy-two percent of Volusia County schools are rated "C" or "D" for this year, according to the union.  In a statement, Volusia County Public Schools said: “We will continue to seek collaboration over division. We look forward to working with the new leadership of the teachers’ union.”