Volusia County schools enforce new bag policy at graduations

A new policy for high school graduations in Volusia County states that those bringing bags to the ceremonies must make sure they are clear. 

Most of the high school graduations are held at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center.  Under the new policy, guests can carry a small clutch purse that doesn’t need to be clear; however, if they carry a second bag, security offiers must be able to see through the bag.  Not even diaper bags are allowed.

“Because of all the security concerns and because venues of this size -- we have thousands of people that come to the graduations -- we thought it was really prudent for us to put to implement this type of a policy to make sure the guests are safe,” said Nancy Wait of the Volusia County School District.

District officials say they’re letting the public know district-wide and are also relying on the schools to pass along the information to students and parents.

“This is our first year doing it, so I’m sure that we’ll make adjustments based on how it goes this year,” Wait said.

While she said it will still be a hassle for those guests attending, parent Heather Woods says she appreciates the extra safety measure.

“I will admit, when we go to SeaWorld, we have a clear bag, just because it makes things easier when we’re going through,” she said.

Small cameras and other electronics can be carried loosely or in a clear bag.