Volusia County reopens beach parking; beach driving still not permitted

It's not Florida unless there's sand between your toes and between your tires.

This weekend Volusia County beaches are taking another step toward normal, allowing beach parking starting Saturday.

"It’s not totally back to normal but it feels good to be outside the house doing something other than looking at TV," said Derek Coop, who lives in Sanford.

"We know that beach access is most important and we’re happy to be able to offer safe options for beachgoers," said Volusia County Commissioner Chairman Ed Kelley.

The safe option is blue markers spaced 25 feet apart from each other, indicating where you can park. It's the county's way of keeping parking socially distant.

"I think, looking at the beach right now, people seem to be social distancing and I think it’s all going to work," said Arthur Hampton, who lives in Orlando.

"It’s a start. It’s a start. But I don’t know if that’s going to help uot with social distancing bc once tey park there, they might gather next to their car," said Coop.

Beach parking is only allowed near these14 vehicle access ramps throughout the county: 

  • Granada Boulevard
  • Cardinal Drive
  • Williams Avenue
  • Seabreeze Boulevard
  • Silver Beach Avenue
  • Florida Shores Boulevard
  • Van Avenue
  • El Portal Street
  • Dunlawton Boulevard
  • Beach Street
  • Beachway Avenue
  • Crawford Road
  • Flagler Avenue
  • 3rd Avenue

Beach driving is still off limits. Volusia County officials say beach safety will enforce the rules. Some folks we spoke with are more than wiling to comply.

"That’s amazing. At least we can park our trucks. At least we can park out trucks and have fun without being too close together. We’ll support the rules and staying, but we’re excited."