Volusia County realtor shifts to PPE production

A New Smyrna Beach business has shifted its production to focus on making PPE for healthcare workers and first responders.

Kevin Para had planned to use 3D printers to make tiny homes, but that plan shifted to making face shields.

He started a GoFundMe page to collect money for supplies.

“We want to protect our people and get people back to work, too,” he said.

Monday, he and his volunteers invited Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood to gift his department 30 face shields along with some for suspects.

“It’s a bad time for us, but it’s also a great time for us to show what kind of country we really are. I’m overwhelmed. You even took care of my guests,” he said laughing to suspects.

Sheriff Chitwood said the PPE is needed to protect his force, but the masks are hard to find.

He’s grateful for the gift.

“Some days you have bad days in law enforcement, but I’ve got to tell you during this crisis, we’ve had a lot of great days because of companies just like this and people like this,” he said.