Florida mom shares story of overcoming addiction years after viral overdose video

A Volusia County mom who made national headlines after her drug-related arrest in 2017 is sharing her story of recovery to help others.

Kimberly McCaffrey was arrested after deputies found her passed out in the back of a car with her 8-month-old baby in the back seat. 

Over the weekend, McCaffrey tells FOX 35 she got the courage to watch her arrest. She emailed Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood to let him know she turned her life around.

"I just wanted to give people hope. I just wanted to know it’s possible to pull yourself out of a dark place," she said. 

"In a world of darkness with this epidemic, what a bright light. What a story of the human spirit. How much courage does this young woman have and to email me," said Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

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McCaffrey now dedicates her life to helping others. She works at the Neighborhood Center in Deland, a place that once helped her get back on her feet. 

"I think it helps them for somebody to know what they’re going through and what kind of help they might need so it’s rewarding for me," she said.

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Sheriff Chitwood shared Kim’s story on social media and plans to feature her in his new podcast, saying her story can send hope to people going through addiction.

"They're going to listen to people who have actually been in the abyss and climbed out and Kim’s been in the abyss and climbed out," he said.