Volusia County implements natural mosquito control using fish

Volusia County has introduced a unique, natural method to combat the mosquito population by utilizing fish that consume mosquito larvae. This initiative is part of the county's "Integrated Pest Management Program."

Due to increased rainfall, the region has experienced a surge in mosquito numbers. To address this, the county breeds mosquito fish (Gambusia holbrooki), which are then released into bodies of water throughout the area. This strategy is just one component of the county's comprehensive efforts to reduce the mosquito population.


"Fish are distributed by field inspectors in mosquito habitats where the water cannot be drained, such as flooded woodlands, abandoned or neglected swimming pools, ornamental ponds, and large bird baths," according to Volusia County Mosquito Control. "These fish reduce mosquito populations by feeding on mosquito larvae found in the water. These native fish are commonly found in permanent water bodies such as ponds and lakes."

It is a free service. Residents who would like to request an inspection can fill out a form on the Volusia County website.