Virtual 6th-grade lesson turns into vulgar chat session, says grandparent

A grandmother says some inappropriate chats were shared during a virtual lesson at Lockhart Middle School. She says it should never have happened.

"I do know sexting was the assignment under the cyberbullying,." says Lori Kalapp.

She says her 11-year-old grandson was in virtual class at Lockhart Middle when suddenly, some very explicit chats occurred from students after the teacher mentioned pornography.

"While the teacher is expressing how detrimental texting can be, the children in the class were uploading incredible adult porn version sexual positions."

Kalapp says her daughter saw what was happening, as she watched her son on his computer at home, even taking pictures to show what happened.

"My daughter interrupted on cam with her. Had a conversation with her right there. Do you realize what’s going on here?"

An Orange County School District spokesperson sent a statement saying, Lockhart Middle School administrators are looking into student involvement related to an inappropriate incident reported yesterday. Disciplinary action will be handed out according to the Code of Student Conduct.

Kalapp has a recommendation for the district.

"If you can’t control the chat, turn it off. Do not make that a requirement. That mistake can be easily taken care of."

Kalapp says she’s looking to enroll her grandson into a different school.