VIDEO: Two alligators spotted in the surf at North Carolina beach

Alligators seem to be popping up more often on beaches on the east coast lately, but one North Carolina woman saw two at the same time enjoying a day in the sun!

JoAnn Groeger was visiting North Topsail Beach on Saturday. While taking a stroll, she spotted an approximately 3-foot alligator laying in the sand. Moments later, she was shocked to see an estimated 10-foot alligator headed for the surf!

She says that's the first time she's ever seen alligators enjoying a day at the beach.

"Was definitely unexpected, "Groeger tells Fox 35. "We know they're in the marsh and intercoastal, but didn't expect see them on beach." 

Groeger says the alligators didn't seem to care that people were around and were never aggressive. 

It's unclear how the alligators made it to the beach. Although they are primarity freshwater creatures, according to the National Ocean Service, "they can tolerate salt water for a few hours or even days."

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