Video shows Florida beachgoers getting caught in waterspout as it moves onshore

Wild video shows the moment a waterspout in Florida spun in the waters around Redington Beach before reaching land, chases fleeing beachgoers who ended up getting ‘run over’ by it.

Kylie Beggs posted video of the moment – which happened on Tuesday – as the waterspout moved closer and closer to shore, finally reaching land and began throwing umbrellas and chairs into the air. As people tried to get away from it, video shows the waterspout moving over them. 

"Watch those people get sucked up!" a person is heard saying in the video.  


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According to FOX Weather, in most cases, waterspouts that make landfall are significantly weaker than tornadoes, produce little or no damage and quickly dissipate.

While many believe a waterspout is simply a tornado over water, this is only partially true. According to NOAA, waterspouts come in a couple of different types: tornadic and fair weather.