Video shows tornado eating through Rockledge home

The video is mind-blowing -- literally!

Surveillance video from the backyard of a Rockledge home first shows  the hot tub cover  blowing up, and  from there things quickly go down hill -- the wrath of the tornado unleashed, the wind picks up growing stronger and stronger.

Then their screened in porch is destroyed in a matter of seconds,  with debris blowing everywhere, and a mini waterspout forming right  in their pool.

“It was pretty scary coming out here, our grill was in the pool and our roof  was only standing because that smoker was propped up and holding it,” said Nicole Keyes.

Keyes says she and her family were preparing to barbecue Friday afternoon when the EF-0 tornado came through, at one point you can see her mother-in-law on the back porch then she runs inside in the nick of time, right before the destruction.

“I ran back in the house and shut the door, and I just like hunkered down,” said Hitchcock.

“When she opened the glass door and was running towards me and I grabbed the baby, and ran to the bathroom it sounded like the roof was coming off, and I definitely did have that freight train sound that you hear about,” Keyes said.

The family is renting the home, but still a lot of their personal property suffered damaged, they couldn’t believe it when they went back and saw the video on their surveillance cameras.

“Goosebumps every time, every time I see the video I get goosebumps, we were very lucky,” Keyes said.

Despite the extensive damage, they’re just glad that everyone is safe .

“I’m just lucky we got in the house because God only knows what would have happened if we were still on the porch,” said Hitchcock.

The destruction to the home was sustained in less than a minute.