Video shows chaos on Florida school bus, driver yelling at kids who were 'misbehaving'

Video released from Stone Middle School students shows a Brevard County bus driver yelling at kids, while they ask her to let them off.  

A Brevard County public school spokesperson said the hysteria started when two kids began misbehaving. Other students on the bus said the driver then refused to take anyone home.

"My heart started racing, and I instantly started crying because Kayden is not one to over exaggerate, and he is not one to normally panic," said parent Brit Fonte.

"I was mostly scared, but I knew that I had to calm people down, everyone down, so I could be calm and stuff," said student Kayden Williams.


Kayden, 13, was on that bus. He told FOX 35 News people were crying and screaming. The video given to us paints a chaotic scene, while students try to use the emergency exit to escape, communicating with their parents on the phone and calling the police.

 The school board told us kids are not allowed to leave the bus unless it's at their bus stop. 

 After that, they ran to a neighbor's house, waiting until Palm Bay police officers arrived. 

 "Her behavior was unacceptable. We trusted them with our children, and she was yelling and screaming, even screaming profanities honestly," Fonte said.

 Parents said they are outraged. They are asking for accountability, including video from cameras inside the bus.

 "From what I am gathering, a lot of the bus drivers are underpaid and BPS is having problems trying to hire bus drivers. Now I am concerned that they are just hiring whoever they can," Fonte said.