Video released in standoff that left 4 children dead

The Orlando Police Department on Tuesday released hours of body camera footage that was recorded during a deadly standoff that happened earlier this year, involving four children.

In one clip, Officer Kevin Valencia is seen responding to a domestic violence call, before he was shot.
It was a 21-hour stand off that started when Ciara Lopez escaped from her home. Officers said she was beaten by her boyfriend, Gary Lindsey Jr., while her children were present and inside the apartment.

Lopez gave officers a layout of her apartment, before they tried to make contact with Lindsey Jr.  An officer is heard saying, "Once you enter it's a left bedroom. You got open space to left living room, right kitchen then open space, bedroom, bedroom and bathroom."

But then gunfire is heard.  An officers asked, "Who's reporting there's a second shot fired inside? I heard another shot from inside the apartment. How old are the kids? 12, 10, 6."  

Officers were still hoping to rescue all four kids -- two of them were Lindsey's children. But it was too late, as police officers said Lindsey shot the four children, killing them.

Officers said Lindsey also shot Officer Kevin Valencia in the head as he entered, before turning the gun on himself.  That footage was not released.

Officer Kevin Valencia remains in a coma. A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help pay for his medical expenses.