VIDEO: Massive, 9-foot albino boa constrictor captured in Florida backyard

A gigantic, 9-foot albino boa constrictor was recently found living in the backyard of a Florida home – and the size of it even shocked the experienced snake wranglers who were called to catch it!

Professional snake wranglers Rhett and Taylor Stanberry said they received a message about a "huge python" in the backyard of a home in Naples earlier this month. 

"They said the snake was white and yellow.... Huh?" Rhett wrote in a Facebook post. "Even if it was an invasive Burmese it wouldn't be albino?"

The next day while out fishing, Rhett received another message that said, "The snake is back!" When Rhett and Taylor arrived at the home, they were greeted by a huge albino boa constrictor!

"That is one of the fattest – that’s a pet snake," Rhett could be heard saying in their video, which they posted to their YouTube channel, Tobie's Troop. "That is the fattest boa constrictor I have ever seen."


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Video shows the boa hissing and lunging at Rhett after he dragged it out of the bushes. 

"This Boa was just as defensive as a wild Burmese Python, who knows how long it's been out there eating bunnies (and probably cats)," he wrote on Facebook. 

The couple managed to get the massive boa into a bag safely to take it back to their facility to get weighed and measured. 

"Nine feet. A hundred and 13 inches, so 9 feet, five inches," Taylor is heard saying in the video. "This snake is 52 pounds. That is a big boa."

Rhett and Taylor told FOX 35 they believe the reptile may have been someone's pet that escaped during Hurricane Ian a couple of months ago. 

The couple said because she is such a unique animal, the massive boa will be set up in a large secure enclosure to live out her days at their facility.