VIDEO: Manatee swims in Florida woman's backyard during Hurricane Dorian

A manatee in St. Lucie County, Florida took advantage of the rising waters due to Hurricane Dorian to grab a nice meal. 

Corrine Hogan posted video to her Facebook page of the gentle giant swimming up to her backyard to munch on some grass. 

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"The tide is so high, we actually have a manatee swimming in our yard right now!" Hogan said in the video. "That is actually in our yard. Wow, she's a big girl!"

Hogan said high tide was up about 4-feet in Palm City.

After the manatee filled up on grass, the animal swam back out to Hidden River.

Hurricane Dorian was expected to impact St. Lucie County with heavy rain and tropical storm-force winds, prompting the county to open several shelters in the area.

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