VIDEO: Boater in St. Thomas goes out on water during Hurricane Dorian, instantly regrets it

A video shows the moment a boater heading out into the ocean during Hurricane Dorian was nearly knocked into the rough water in St. Thomas.

Instagram user pez_vela shared the video with Fox 35. He says he was on his own boat, which was docked at the American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook, when he spotted the boater heading out in what appeared to be an inflatable life boat as strong winds and rain thrashed the area.

"He tried several times to make it to wherever he was going," pez_vela told Fox 35.

At one point, the man's boat is picked up by the wind and nearly flips over! Eventually, pez_vela says that the boater turned around and got back to shore safely. 

Hurricane Dorian moved out into open waters on Thursday, leaving behind limited damage in the northern Caribbean. Dorian is expected to make landfall in Florida as a Category 3 hurricane over the Labor Day weekend.

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