VIDEO: Attempted robbery suspect flees after being shot

Authorities say they are looking for a man accused in an attempted robbery in Pine Hills.   They say the suspect was shot by a business owner -- possibly in the leg or foot.  

A video recording, given to FOX 35, shows a man coming out of the Computer 4 Less business with a gun. Off in the distance, you see a man limping away.

The shooting occurred after the Orange County Sheriff's Office said the suspect, described as a teenager, had a rock and began smashing glass cases inside a computer store, in an attempt to steal cell phones.  The manager of the store got a gun and fired at the suspect. 

"We had a smash and grab, an altercation, shots fired, fleeing suspect who was injured," says Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Jeff Williamson. 

A short distance from where the shooting happened, a woman called 911 to say that her teenage son had been shot in the leg.  The boy was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, and now, deputies are investigating to see if the incidents are related. 

"It seems coincidental, but we are not certain if the individual who did the smash and grab in the store is indeed the individual we gave medical attention to over on Silver Star [Road]. That's yet to be determined," Williamson says. 

Investigators say the teenager's injuries are not life-threatening, and it's too early in the investigation to know if the manager of the store we be charged.