Vice President Pence speaks at Latinos For Trump rally in Kissimmee

Vice President Mike Pence spoke before an intimate crowd at the Nación De Fe Church in Kissimmee. The campaign stop focused on appealing to Latino voters.

“Hola Florida,” said Pence, as he greeted the crowd.  “Welcome to Latinos For Trump!”

The Hispanic community is growing and the Trump/Pence re-election campaign is well aware.

“As a Republican, I’ve been praying for the Republican Party would take our community seriously, not just words, like come to our community, meet with our people and the man is doing that,” said Abraham Lopez, Trump supporter.

Pence wrapped up a day-long campaign tour of Central Florida with a rally in Osceola County for the newly formed "Latinos For Trump" coalition.

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“Under this President, Hispanic unemployment has hit the lowest level ever recorded and Hispanic household income has hit a record high as well,” said Pence.

The vice president’s remarks highlight what Pence said is the administration’s support for religious freedom.

“President Trump just announced a new rule, just hours ago, to require all school receiving federal funding to be sure to allow students, teachers, and coaches to pray on school grounds,” said Pence.

Mr. Pence also touting support for pro-life policy.

“I speak on behalf of my wife when I tell you, we couldn’t be more proud to stand alongside a president who stand without apology for the sanctity of human life,” said Pence.

Aware of the area’s large Puerto Rican community, Pence with a long-awaited announcement.

“It’s my great honor to announce, that this afternoon, the President of the United States signed a disaster declaration to provide additional support and public assistance for the families in the wake of hurricanes in Puerto Rico,” said Pence.

“We’re stoked, we’re so excited that was announced here, in Kissimmee, Florida,” said Lopez.

The crowd energized following the vice president’s speech.

 “I think he really touched everybody’s enthusiasm and gave them a great light of hope that things are going still get better,” said one supporter.

“More of this, keep America great!” said another supporter.

The vice president didn’t leave the stage without throwing jabs at the Democrats. First, bashing the impeachment, then referring to the presidential candidates as radical leftists.

A small group of protestors gathered across the street from the event.