Veteran receives mortgage-free home

Building Homes for Heroes and JP Morgan Chase & Co. have gifted a U.S. Army, captain his wife and their two children with a mortgage-free home in Kissimmee, to honor the great sacrifices they have made for our country. 

Serving nearly two decades in the military, Captain Robert Setliff was exposed to a lot of tragedy and injury. While serving in Afghanistan in 2008, he survived a blast from indirect fire that left him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). There were many traumatic incidents over the course of three deployments, which resulted in severe PTSD for Captain Setliff in addition to his physical injuries. 

"Probably for the last two weeks, I haven't been able to sleep. I've just been so nervous, and didn't know what to expect," explained Capt. Setliff.  "A lot of veterans come back feeling like they've lost something, and this helps restore that and makes them feel like they have a home."

Building Homes for Heroes is a national nonprofit organization that builds and modifies homes to gift mortgage-free to wounded veterans and their families. To date, Building Homes for Heroes has given homes and new opportunities to more than 130 families across the nation, and 78 in Florida. Since 2011, Chase has donated over 950 mortgage-free homes to veterans and their families through the Home Awards Program partnership with nonprofits such as Building Homes for Heroes. More than 220 of those homes were donated to veteran families in Florida.