Vet says 14-week-old kitten worst animal cruelty case he's ever seen

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In an ONLY ON FOX report last Friday we told you about a dog named Liberty. She was found in Montgomery County with her front paws missing. Another horrific case of animal cruelty came to light Monday in Spring. Her new name is Pogo and she’s a 14-week-old kitten who before now didn’t have much to purr about. 

The kitten was found with elastic ties wrapped around her feet, cutting off the blood supply. Now three of her paws will have to be amputated.

“We walked into a room that had mailboxes and we saw the cat laying down by a wall,” said the 14-year-old boy who found Pogo after swimming at an apartment complex at FM 2920 and T.C. Jester. “We picked it up, called my mom. We sent her a picture and then she said she’d be there in two minutes."

“I was heartbroken when I saw the picture," said the teen’s mother Leith Gottula. “She wouldn’t have had a chance I don’t think."

Gottula rushed the kitten to Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital.

“This is actually a strangulation of the limbs,” said Dr. Max Heimlich.

The veterinarian was shocked at the abuse he was seeing.

“This is by far the worst in 40 years. I’ve never seen anything this bad,” Dr. Heimlich said.

Dr. Heimlich says someone wrapped hair ties or elastic ties repeatedly around three of Pogo’s paws.

“These are the bones that are sticking out,” Dr. Heimlich said “It would probably take anywhere from three to four maybe five weeks for this to occur to strangulate it and actually have the feet fall off."

Dr. Heimlich says he will keep Pogo after the amputation surgery.

Anyone with any information about who did this to Pogo should contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Department.