Vehicle broken into at Deltona funeral home

Jeromy Dickson and his wife were at a funeral in Orange City to say goodbye to a Great Uncle. Instead they spent the day dealing with a broken truck window and a stolen purse.

It happened in the Deltona Memorial Gardens parking lot minutes after the couple walked inside.

The thieves grabbed her wallet with 10 credit cards, her Iphone, as well as keys to their home, their security system and cars.  The punks used some of the stolen credit cards at the Orange City Ulta and WAWA stores.

Deputies in Orange County found the stolen purse in a stolen car.  

Dickson said "What we heard is they have multiple purses in a vehicle that they abandoned after they crashed so it sounds like they hit quite a few places."

Investigators think the thieves who stole the Dickson's stuff could be connected to a crime ring called the Felony Lane Gang.