Vandal spray-paints 'Hillary Prison' in Virginia-Highland

Some families in a northeast Atlanta neighborhood are puzzled after someone spray-painted the words "Hillary Prison" on the sidewalk outside a home of a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Mackenzie Lane told FOX 5 she found the vandalism Tuesday evening on North Highland Avenue. She said she noticed a suspicious person near the yard when she walked inside her home.

And moments later, the person was gone and she discovered the phrase.

"I guess we are going to get a paint thinner and a pressure washer, maybe he thinks she should be in prison or maybe he thinks America will become a prison if she becomes president," Lane said while mentioning the ongoing email scandal.

Lane has a Clinton-Kaine campaign sign in her yard as well as a sticker with "Nope" written above a drawing of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Neighbors said, regardless of a person's political affiliation, no one should vandalize property.

"Isn't free speech one of our most basic rights? So, I have a big problem with it," neighbor Pam Anderson said.

Lane said months ago she had a Bernie Sanders sign up during the Democratic primaries and someone stole it from her yard.