UCF police offering self-defense classes

The University of Central Florida Police Department is offering extra self-defense classes after a string of attacks on campus.   Wednesday night’s free class for women at the department was full.  

“I want to learn anything I can to help better protect myself,” said UCF student Paiton Lackey. 

Officers say earlier this week, a man tried to touch a woman’s leg after asking her for help in a parking garage on campus. Investigators say the suspect description matches the ones given in two other recent cases where a man inappropriately grabbed women inside the Business Administration Building II. 

“Obviously, it’s been a little nerve wracking seeing things pop up in your email, like that’s happening here,” said UCF freshman Eva Gluck. 

Police say they’re working on a sketch, increasing patrols and giving students more changes to learn how to fend off an attacker. 

“There has been extra interest,” said Officer Frank Imparato, who teaches the self-defense class.

“In fact though, our classes full up pretty quickly. Our February class was already filled prior to any other issues on campus so were adding additional classes so our students have extra opportunities to take these classes.” 

Women in the class learned how to mentally and physically prepare for a worst case scenario. 

“I feel like there is a sense of immunity that people have, where it’s like, ‘That wouldn’t happen to me.’ But, it could,” Gluck said. 

UCF Police say they added a self-defense class for Monday, but it’s already filled up. They’re now working on adding another date. 

For more information on how to sign up, click here.