Uber Driver Leads Police to Armed Robbers

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A 911 call from an Uber driver led investigators to three suspects, accused of shooting a man in the head inside a Stone Mountain hotel room.

Gwinnett County Police said the suspects identified as Richard Mckoy, Reggie Greene and Thomas Shatner called an Uber from a Waffle House in Conyers after stealing a Lexus and shooting a man in the head at the Days Inn off Highway 78.

Investigators said the Uber driver drove the suspects to the Days Inn, but when the robbers saw Gwinnett County Police present they made the driver keep going. That is when he noticed something was not right and called 911, but he could not talk openly. "Sir, are you ok, what is happening?" said the 911 dispatcher. "What is the emergency?" "If I knew right now I could tell you, but uh," said the Uber driver in the 911 call.

Fortunately, the 911 dispatcher was persistent and the Uber driver said what little he could, dropping clever hints about where he was throughout the 22-minute conversation. "I need a clear direction on where you guys need to go, man we have been almost two hours now man, we've been together for almost two hours ok and I am trying to get clear direction here, what is it (inaudible) Crest Circle and Taylor (inaudible)," said the driver.

After several minutes the Uber driver is able to whisper into the phone where he is.  "I am calling Snellville Police just stay on the line ok," said the 911 dispatcher.

The Uber driver is able to get out of the car, just as officers are arriving at the Gwinnett County neighborhood. You can hear police in the background while the Uber driver explains to the dispatcher what is going on. "They running, they're getting ready to run," said the driver.  "They got two of them going over the back gate, one of them is laying down, two of them is running."

The intense search that followed on the ground and from above ultimately ended with all three men in custody just hours after the hotel robbery and shooting.

"Thank you for getting the police here because I think they were really trying to carjack or do something," said the Uber driver.

The armed robbers face several charges, including kidnapping, armed robbery and aggravated assault.  The man police said they shot is Juan Casillas.  Casillas remains in the hospital.