Two people killed in early morning crash

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An accused drunk driver was not only speeding but also killed 2 other people when he rear-ended their vehicle very early this morning.

Troopers also said that a tree stopped the driver from slamming into a neighbor’s home.

“This tree saved our house,” said Janet Garrido as she woke up confused and shocked to see a mangled car right next door, aiming for her home.

“This corner [Dean Road and Buck Road] is really dangerous. The people or the cars, they don’t respect the light. They have to do something because it’s ridiculous,” she told FOX35 News.

According to Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), 21 year old Kevin Hart of Merritt Island was driving a black Sonata car. Detectives said Hart left a club with 3 of his friends and got behind the wheel.

“According to the front passenger, he told me he begged the driver for the keys and not to drive and he started to speed up,” said Master Sergeant Francina Ogburn with FHP. “According to the right hand passenger, yes, they all had been drinking at the Library Club.”

Troopers believe Hart was driving more than 60 miles an hour on Buck Road and the speed limit is 40.

Two people were in a silver Morage car and stopped at the red light on the intersection of Buck Road and Dean Road around 2:30a.m. Thursday. The black car was racing right behind them.  FHP says they were dead in a matter of seconds.

“The driver of the black vehicle which did the rear ending was impaired,” said Master Sergeant Ogburn.

The black car ended up in Ellen Cleven’s front yard and smashed into her tree. She said she called 911 and ran out to help.

“I heard two violent crashes one was that side, one was this side. I heard it when I was in my bedroom. I grabbed my phone and I said oh ‘(expletive)’,” said Cleven.

She said she tried to make the four people in the black car stay put but some ran away before cops got there.
“One ran that way, got picked up by a vehicle, the other one went that way,” she stated.

Everyone in the black car survived the violent crash: two were hospitalized, one ran away, and the driver, Kevin Hart, is charged with 2 counts of vehicular homicide and possibly DUI manslaughter.

“The public needs to know we will not tolerate drinking and driving,” said Master Sgt. Ogburn.