Trump posts cryptic 'Mr. Brexit' tweet

Trump posts cryptic 'Mr. Brexit' tweet

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has been called lots of names, but this time it's a name he's coined for himself that has social media buzzing.

On Thursday morning, Trump tweeted: "They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT!"

Trump appeared to be referring to comments he made Wednesday in an interview on Fox News. In that exchange, he was discussing the political "movement" fueling his campaign and the reporter noted that "the world is changing" and mentioned Brexit, the June vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

Trump then said "I think I will be called Mr. Brexit."

He supported the Brexit movement and suggested it was "the people taking the country back." His self-appointed nickname likely was drawing parallels between his campaign and that outcome.

Subsequent posts by twitter users are making light of Trump's 'Mr. Brexit' name.

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