Florida trooper who helped deliver baby on side of the road talks with FOX 35

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) trooper who helped deliver a baby on the side of the road spoke with FOX 35 on Wednesday.

"We had between 6 to 8 minutes for everything to take place from the time the emergency lights were initiated to baby arrival," said Trooper Michael Allen.

It all happened on Tuesday morning in Seminole County. FHP had pulled over a speeding dad to find out mom was in labor.

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"It was very obvious that those contractions were sooner than five minutes apart and so we had to jump into action pretty quick," Allen explained.

He called for an ambulance but prepared for the possibility that EMS would not make it there in time. The troopers grabbed a blanket and a backpack for the mom to rest her head in the grass.

florida highway patrol baby delivered

Photos from FHP

Trooper Allen said dad did a great job getting mom prepared to deliver. As the baby girl arrived, the eight-year FHP veteran cleared her airways, and then she cried out.

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It was the traffic stop of a lifetime.  

"Most memorable, most emotional, most interesting, most stressful. Thankfully, with everything working out well – the most rewarding," Trooper Allen said.

EMS arrived a short time later to take mom and baby girl to the hospital.

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