Tripp Halstead Goes Home after Hip Surgery

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Tripp Halstead, who suffered severe brain injuries in October of 2012, is home from the hospital after undergoing hip surgery last week. 

"Tripp is doing really good," Stacy Halstead shared on Facebook Monday evening. 

Over the weekend, Stacy said Tripp was in a lot of pain. She said he was crying when she saw him following the surgery last Wednesday and according to his doctors it will be an extremely painful recovery. His recovery will be complicated because the pain medications could interfere with existing respiratory issues.

On Sunday Tripp was moved out of the intensive care unit to a regular room and by Monday morning, Stacy said her son was doing much better.

"He had a good night but he definitely still needs his pain meds right on schedule," Stacy said. "You can tell when it's time, he starts moving his little feet and moaning, then the meds make him feel better."

At a doctor's appointment in November, the Halsteads learned Tripp's hip is more than 65 degrees out of socket and he would need surgery on both hips. His mother said both hips are bad, but one is much worse.

"He will not need more hip surgeries in the future," Stacy said. We know it's the right thing to do." 

Tripp's surgery lasted roughly 8 hours and included: cutting and lengthening his tendons, cutting the femur bone and using it in his hip socket and three incisions on each side. Recovery will take about 10 weeks. 

"It will be the most painful recovery," Stacy said. "But Tripp is one tough cookie and he has the love and support of millions around the world. He's got this!"

Tripp was critically injured when a tree limb fell on him outside his Winder day care center and spent months recovering at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. 

"The tree only landed on his head, but it crushed his little brain which controls everything in his body," said Stacy. "So yes, the injury caused all these other issues. So we are slowly tackling all the damaged parts trying to put him back together again. 

"Thank you for all your prayers and support. This is just another step towards his full recovery." 

Stacy said she will continue to share updates after the surgery on Facebook.