Trial of former Orlando officer accused of excessive force resumes

The trial for a former Orlando Police Officer accused of using excessive force resumed on Thursday, after taking a one week delay. 

The state was close to wrapping up its case against William Escobar on November 4, but a surprise witness came forward. The new witness stated she was present during the arrest in question in 2014. She claims the man in the video, Refus Holloway, was acting aggressively toward the officers.

Escobar's attorney said the video does not show everything that happened that night and that Escobar used appropriate actions in a dangerous situation.  Escobar himself took the stand on Thursday, then testified for more than two hours in his own defense. He told the jury that he believed that kicking and punching Holloway while he was handcuffed was justifiable, claiming Holloway was ignoring commands and had charged at his partner.  "I'm thinking, I'm probably going to die," he told the court.

Escobar said that, even after being handcuffed, Holloway attempted to stand up and was behaving in a threatening manner.  "Frankly, he's acting like a maniac; he's out of control. I was trying to get through to him," he said.