Traffic delayed on I-95 in Volusia and Brevard counties due to 2 separate incidents

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Rush hour drivers were caught in the aftermath of a bad break-up Friday afternoon near the spot where two major interstates meet.  

A spokesman for the Ormond Beach Police Department said  a man killed himself in a car on Interstate 95 after beating and sexually assaulting his girlfriend.  Authorities say the woman was at the man’s apartment early in the day to break up with him.  Neither person is being identified, but police say the woman is a law enforcement officer from outside Volusia County.

Throughout the course of the episode, the man allegedly shackled himself to the woman using her department-issued handcuffs.   Police say that when she got away he kicked her down the stairs and fired a gun into the floor.

According to authorities the man took off in the woman’s car, which was equipped with OnStar security features which helped police locate the man near the spot where interstates 95 and 4 meet in Daytona Beach.  Police say that by the time officers approached the vehicle the man had shot and killed himself. 

In a separate incident in Brevard County, two of three southbound lanes of I-95 were closed for an extended period near State Road 528 after a truck clipped a bridge.  The Florida Department of Transportation had to shut down lanes as they assessed the damage and cleared debris from the road.   

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, around 1:40 p.m., a semi hauling a low-boy trailer that was carrying a dredge bucket was traveling southbound on I-95 and struck the overpass at Citrus Blvd.   Troopers said the oversized vehicle had a permit and there was a lead vehicle that had cleared the overpass.  As the semi traveled under the bridge, the dredge bucket struck the overpass.