Trading in college for trade school

Trade schools are trending as more and more students are choosing to bypass the traditional Bachelor's Degree and learn a trade first.  

Lake Tech in Lake County lives up to its motto:  "A career within a year" as 87 percent of their students land a job when they graduate.

Doctor Diane Culpepper is the Executive Director at Lake Tech and she says employers are hiring many of her students before they have a chance to take their finals.

"The biggest problem we have right now is employers want to take our students before they've finished their programs, so it's exciting for the students," reveals Culpepper.

Lake Tech's welding and nursing programs are the most popular.  And welding students can earn as much as $90,000 their first year out. 

Experts say this is one of the big reasons why trade schools are trending, as 45% of students who graduate from traditional college never work in the field of their degrees.

The trade school cost is attractive too.  Lake Tech offers 30 different trade courses starting at $2.88 per credit hour.  

"Education is life long, but choose us first so you can get in, get out and have skills forever," says Culpepper.

Watch the video and meet three local women who are pursuing a trade in welding, culinary arts and auto mechanics.