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Did you just buy one of our Toyota cars near Leesburg with a backup camera? If you’ve never had a car with this safety feature, you may not be familiar with how and when to use it. A car backup camera can be a handy feature when it comes to convenience and safety! Toyota of Clermont has all of the answers for you when it comes to this in-car feature.

What should you know about backup cameras?

Like we said, a backup camera can be very useful when behind the wheel of your new Toyota near Leesburg. We want you to get the most out of this high-tech Toyota safety feature, which is why we’re sharing everything you need to know about it! 

  • Backup cameras are becoming increasingly popular. This is because of the safety benefits they have to offer! This feature gives you a view of what’s behind you on a screen in front of you, so you can avoid accidents. 
  • This safety feature will get even more popular, as all vehicles will be required to include it as a standard feature! That’s right – the law says that every car will have to come with this feature!
  • Although backup cameras can be extremely helpful, you should never rely solely on this technology when in reverse. Even with this safety feature in your car, you should use the mirrors on your new Toyota near Leesburg. You should also always look behind you before you hit reverse!
  • You may also be wondering what the grid lines mean when using this feature. Some backup cameras have guide lines to help you line up your car when parking and to see how close objects are behind you. If yours comes with this feature, it can come in handy!

New Toyota near Leesburg are packed with safety technology

The backup camera isn’t the only high-tech safety feature you can find in our Toyota cars near Leesburg. Our new Toyota offers some of the most advanced safety features to give you the security you want while behind the wheel! Some of the high-tech safety features you can find in our 2015 Toyota near Leesburg include:

  • The Star Safety System: This system comes with six safety features that work together to keep you in control at all times. It comes standard in every new Toyota near Leesburg!
  • Blind Spot Monitor: This feature can help you avoid a collision when switching lanes. It can detect when a car is in the lane next to you that you may not see and give you an audible warning!
  • Pre-Collision System: The Pre-Collision System is also a great feature to help keep you safe. It can detect when a collision is eminent and will automatically brake and retract your seatbelt to help reduce the effects of it.

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