Tow companies busy as cars stall out in Ian floodwaters in Volusia County

Cars littered across Volusia County roadways impacted by floodwaters were a common sight as Ian dumped massive amounts of rain on the coastal county. 

Arrow Towing in Holly Hill tells FOX35 it collected more than 5 times the number of cars it typically does. Amanda Balboa said the family-owned business towed 168, a dramatic increase from a usual 30 or so. 

"A lot of cars were left in the middle of the road where they flooded out, so the police departments would call us to help them remove them, so they could continue the flow of traffic," she said. 


Balboa said a busy area was Nova Road between Bellevue and International Speedway Boulevard. FOX 35 News was there as the intersection was underwater.

Elena D’Andelet lives nearby. She says drivers were using her neighborhood to get around the flooding. Many, without luck. 

"One lady, she took a nose dive into the canal and the current of the water was just bouncing her poor car around," she said. 

Balboa said the company is now working to clear out the cars from their impound lots. She said many of the calls were from law enforcement agencies and insurance companies.