Tough talk on North Korea prompts Central Florida survival concerns

The people at G.I. Jeff's in Daytona Beach said they are getting calls from people asking about survival items.  This comes in the wake of President Trump's tough talk on North Korea.

"I feel we’re all scared about that, truthfully. It’s more how people want to handle it.” said Store Manager, Sam Simmons

President Trump’s tough talk about North Korea has some people concerned.

At G.I. Jeff’s they’re getting more calls each week about survival necessities. The same concerns are popping up elsewhere across the country.

"We’ve had people come in looking for gas masks, specifically for that, if any of the bombs were to happen," Simmons explained. "MR[E]'s; meals ready to eat.”

Bottom line, GI Jeff’s said if you feel scared or even a bit concerned...the key is not to panic, but to put yourself in a position to be able to keep your family safe.

FOX 35 asked the managers at GI Jeff's how long these MRE's, or Meals ready to eat meals, last. They said they could last up to 10 years.