Porta-potty door lands in light pole near McDonald's after tornado rocks Dunedin: 'The parts were everywhere!'

In the aftermath of strong storms that rocked Dunedin, several people have reported building and vehicle damage. But what transpired at one shopping plaza had some doing a double-take: a video capturing a porta-potty door wedged firmly in a light pole. 

Brad Napoli was at the Causeway Plaza at the intersection of Bayshore Boulevard and Causeway Boulevard in Dunedin on Thursday morning assessing the damage from the storms and possible tornadoes that rolled through overnight. 

Among the videos of damage he took, Napoli captured a surreal one – a portable toilet door stuck in a light pole near a McDonald's. The video shows the tan door hanging horizontally from the pole, with the door frame lodged on the lower half of it. You can watch the video in the player above. 

Photo: Brad Napoli

"The porta-potty parts were everywhere!" Napoli told FOX 35 News. "Some parts smashed through windows, the basin with the blue liquid was in front of the thrift store spilled all over the place, and the door ended up in the light pole. Crazy to see something like that." 

Napoli added that the possible tornadoes left a tight damage field. "You could tell exactly where it went and houses and buildings 50 feet away were completely unharmed," he said. 

In addition to severe storms that slammed the Bay Area, Central Florida got its share, too. 

A possible tornado ripped through Palm Coast overnight, causing significant damage to the city's B-Section. The suspected tornado touched down around 4:45 a.m. in the Indian Trail Neighborhood, according to Flagler County officials. In its wake are fallen trees, downed power lines and overturned vehicles. 

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