Titusville street filled with deep potholes

The potholes are so deep on Cleveland Street in Titusville that someone decided to get creative by placing a trash can right in one for a photo. Bill Stanziano said driving here is dangerous. 
“No matter what you do, you're gonna hit something that's gonna put you in a hole,” Stanziano said.
The worst part is it's one pothole that's been filled in several times and just keeps coming back.
“They've patched that three times already,” Stanziano said, “maybe we're just not paying enough taxes.”
It’s not just that hole, pot holes plague this street.
“We've lived here just over four years,” Stanziano said, “the street has gotten consistently worse and they haven't done anything about it.”
Fox 35's Matt Trezza took Bill’s concerns to Titusville’s Public Works Director Kevin Cook.  
“Certainly it's getting up there in age, so we'll be looking at that to see it's included in upcoming programs,” Cook said.
Cook said Cleveland Street is on the “fix list” but it’s not top priority. “Right now, with our paving schedule we're looking at a five year window.” 
There are roads in Titusville that need even more TLC, but cook says since we brought neighbors' concerns to his attention, he'll move Cleveland Street up the list. That's good news for people like Stanziano and their cars.