Titusville apartments evacuated after roof collapse

Residents at Blue Beach Apartments on Monday returned to complex from which they were evacuated, to get more of their property after the roof was blown off on Friday.

The Red Cross showed up to assist families with their needs.  A Blue Beach apartment office worker says, 70 families have been displaced and need help.

Residents say no one at the complex was doing anything to help them over the weekend. They say they’re grateful to Bibleway Church of God, for putting them into a hotel for a couple of nights.  

A spokesperson at the complex says they’re doing their best to find residents other places to live, but residents say it’s not good enough.

"It’s ridiculous that we’re paying rent money and all of us are kicked out on the street," says Felicia Maner.  "Not just my family, there’s other families out there as well that needs help."

Mary McLeod agrees, saying, "Management says she’s willing to find housing, but we need to go through all the sources. We did all that and nothing yet."

"I wish people would have patience," explains Rebecca Hemming, with the apartment complex.  "We’re trying to do what they can to help them. We are working on a few different things, we’re having a benefit on the 22nd. We’ve asked a few companies to donate. We’ve been talking to churches, ask for donations for clothes."

The complex says they’re working to make repairs and hope the residents can move back into the complex in two weeks.