Timber Springs Middle School cleared after bomb threat

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating a bomb threat at Timber Springs Middle School, after school resource officers were informed of a written warning inside a bathroom on Friday.

Officials say the school was evacuated, as deputies searched the school grounds.  An announcement over loud speakers cause some students to panic.

“The principal came on the speaker. He said, 'Everybody evacuate the school!' so I was getting up calmly, and then he said, 'This is not a drill,' so everybody started running out of the school. People were jumping the fences,” said Brian Kycyku, a sixth-grader.

Kycyku said he called his mother. 

“I gave my phone to a bunch of my friends to call their parents because they were really worried. There were a bunch of people crying,” 

The principal sent out a CONNECTORANGE message to parents alerting them of the situation.  

“Out of an abundance of caution, our school has been evacuated. Students and staff are safely on the track in the back of the school,” the principal said in the recorded message.

Mary Bynacker is one of many parents who to the school to get her daughter. 

“It scares me!” said Bynacker.  

Although deputies did not find anything of concern inside the school, many students and their parents were still feeling uneasy.  

“It's really scary because you don't know if it could be real or not,” said Kycyku.  

His mom checked him out of school early Friday, after the situation was cleared.  Dozens of other students did the same.

Students were eventually allowed back into their classrooms.