Threatening message prompts lockdown at Umatilla High School

Parents of students at Umatilla High School on Tuesday received a recorded message from the school principal, warning them of a threat.  

“Today we discovered a message posted on a bathroom wall that threatened an act of gun violence at our school tomorrow,” Principal Thomas Gerds tells parents in the message.  “We immediately notified law enforcement and will have extra officers on campus as a precaution.”

According to Lake County school officials, a school employee found the message written in a restroom Tuesday morning and immediately called deputies.  The news as watching the adults off guard in the afternoon pick up line.  

“That’s the first I’ve heard of it,” said Collin Wallace, who was picking up his younger brother.

According to investigators, the message left on the bathroom wall read, “Be ready 11-14-18 shoot up UHS.” 

“It’s never going to end and we’re just going to have to hope that our kids are safe every day when the go to school,"  said Stacy Richter, who’s daughter is a 10th-grader.  

She says that type of violence is her worst fear.  

“I always tell my daughter that I love her before I drop her off.”

While she and other parents tell the news station they’re concerned by someone leaving that threat behind for students to see, they feel their children are safe here.  

“A lot of parents try to keep their kids home but that just lets them win and they know its just going to keep putting fear in people,” said Richter.  

Lake County Sheriff's Office says they will have extra deputies on campus tomorrow to help students and staff stay safe.