Thousands sign petition demanding justice for two UCF students killed in crash

Tens of thousands have signed a petition, demanding justice for two University of Central Florida students who were killed in a car crash in January.  The incident happened on Colonial Drive near Cathcart Avenue in Orlando.

“It is the most frustrating feeling and hopeless feelings as you can imagine not knowing who did this to her,” said Marcia McIntyre, whose daughter, Angelesea Rock, died in the crash.

Officers say Rock, and three other women who were inside a Volkswagen Jetta, were hit by a pickup truck. Investigators say both vehicles were traveling west on Colonial Drive.  The car the girls were in was crushed. Rock and her friend, Shaunte Chambers, did not survive.  

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“She was taken from me three days before her 21st birthday,” McIntyre said.

Police say when they got on scene, the pickup truck was empty but they found a man hiding near the crash site. Still, no one has been arrested.

“For them to let this person go speaks volumes to me,” McIntyre said.

A movement is now gaining momentum online. The petition demanding justice for the young women has more than 85,000 signatures.

Rock’s high school friend, Selena Concepcion, said she’s not surprised so many people are showing their support.

“She was one of those people you see in your life forever. You see yourself growing up with them,” Concepcion said.  

Investigators tell us there are no updates on the case. In an email, Orlando Police say: “…traffic homicides take many months to investigate, in order to build a case that will stand up in court.  Right now, we are waiting on key evidence being processed by the lab.”

“I feel that there’s much more they could have done for my child,” McIntyre said.

Police say their investigators and prosecutors have been in continuous contact with the families of the two victims. Mcintyre says she does not feel that is accurate. She says she was never even notified that her daughter died in the crash.