'This really isn't good': Man describes terrifying bear attack in Angeles National Forest

As he sits in a wheelchair in the lobby of Methodist Hospital of Arcadia, Dan Richman talks like a man who knows he's lucky to be alive. He's covered in bite and claw marks.

On Monday, he was hiking and jogging along a popular trail in Bailey Canyon Park. On weekends the trail is packed with hikers.

Where Richman was, it was just him and two bears.

"I backed away and started going down the trail and sure enough there’s another bear coming up the trail. At that point I was thinking… okay… this really isn’t good," He said.

It really wasn’t.

“I was kind of having a bit of a stare-down with the bear," Richman said, reflecting. "I think neither one of us knew what the other ones intentions were and I thought… 'okay, I’m going to spook the bear.'” 

He yelled, really loud, which is why he thinks his voice is so raspy now. 

As he slowly tried to get away, the bear came down.

"It first bit my right wrist and it somehow came around and got my leg. The next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees. The bear had me with its jaws around the back of my neck.”

He froze and decided not to move. At that moment Richman said, “I thought at the same time its not over 'til it's over.” 

That’s when the bear let him go and he got the heck out of there. A neighbor spotted him and called 911.

“I'm walking right now with a man who was just attacked by a bear in Bailey Canyon," she told the dispatcher. The dispatcher asks, "Does he need medical assistance?" The answer: "Yeah.”

They got him to Methodist Hospital of Arcadia. He was hurt more than he knew, but as he was wheeled down a hospital hallway and discharged, the image flashing in his mind ranged from the scuffle to the stare-down.

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