Thieves target 2 businesses twice in a month

Authorities said another smash-and-grab burglary was caught on camera in Orlando.  

Thieves are seen bashing through the lower part of a glass door at a business, then immediately run to to the register, throwing things around as they grab the cash drawer.  The suspects were in and out in 35 seconds.

“It’s a party for them. Just come in, break in, take whatever they want and leave,” said Guillermo Villamiza, the Director of Operations for Chicken Bites.  

Same thing happened at Kome Chinese and Japanese restaurant right next door.  

“Two guys broke into our store around 2 in the morning last night,” said Villamiza.

Thieves left lots of shattered glass behind but did not get any money out of the registers.  

“It’s the second time in less than a month so we left our register pretty much empty with nothing in there. They stole some coins,” said Villamiza.

It’s actually the second time thieves have targeted both businesses in just 22 days. Villamiza believes the same suspects broke into their businesses both times.  

“They look the same on the tape. Same hoodies, gloves, face shot everything looks the same,” said Villamiza.

Replacing the shattered window each time cost Chicken Bites $500, plus $750 when the thieves broke his cash register during the last break in.  So far, it’s cost him $1750 in out of pocket costs for repairs. That’s not including to the cash stolen during the first break in.  

It makes me mad,” said Villamiza.

Both businesses are hoping someone recognizes the guys in the surveillance videos and notify police so these smash and grabs come to a stop.