Thieves steal from sleeping family, including boy's piggy bank

A handful of cars and a home were broken into on Kumquat Road in Edgewater Monday night, but one family says these thieves took it a step further and broke into their home while they slept, even taking their child's piggy bank.

The intruders broke into the home through a front window and took his prized possession, four-year-old Jacob Keller's piggy bank.

"That was rude!" he said.

His mom Beth has even bigger problems -- her purse, keys and car are gone. 

"It's crazy that someone would be gutsy enough to break into your house while you're sleeping in the next room. I work so hard for everything I get you know. For someone to do this it's unreal!"

She's a nurse and now has to borrow a car to get to work.  Her missing car is a 2016 Jeep Compass, dark-blue, almost black, with a car seat in the back.  Around the license plate are the words, "Nurses Give Intensive Care."

Overnight, police said criminals broke into several cars on the same street, taking money, a GPS system and other small items.  They have increased patrols and are asking anyone who may have information about the burglaries to call at 386-424-2400.