Thieves forward Volusia residents mail, then steal it

Marshall Schultz can't believe how LOW some criminals will go.

She told Fox 35 News reporter Kelly Joyce, "It could have been a really bad disaster had we not caught it when we did!"

Her 84 year old mother was the target of a mail scam. Crooks forwarded her mail to a Miami area address and stole all her packages. Packages that had her meds inside!

She said, "They had everything from bank statements to credit cards bills , they had everything. Her meds, everything. So it's been a real chore to try and get it all straightened out."

They also stole the elderly woman's identity, applying for 7 credit cards in her name.

And, they're not the only victims. Four families have called the Volusia County Sheriff's office to report these crimes since May.

In all 4 cases  the victim's identity was stolen,  credit cards applied for in their names and mail forwarded to homes in south Florida.

All it takes is a simple online form to forward mail, no ID or proof of residency required.

As for Marshall Schultz's mom, she had to order new medication and cancel some accounts.