These 10 toys for boys are a blast

We had a blast shopping for the boy on your list this year. In some cases… literally!

Contain him if you can. But if you pull the lever, this ferocious dinosaur will bust out of the cage! The jailbreak playset holds up to two Fingerlings untamed creatures. Plus, the exclusive T-Rex and raptor react to sound, motion and touch. It's ferocious at your fingertips.
$40 |

Roll, flip, attack! Experience the action as this toy transforms from vehicle to ball and then back to vehicle again with an easy to use trigger button. With an insect-like design and glowing, red eyes, the Terrasect remote control transforming vehicle is sure to keep kids' attention indoors or out.
$35 |

They're mischievous and perhaps misunderstood. But we couldn't resist these plush creatures with mouths full of human-like teeth. There are 10 different Fugglers roaming around with strange faces and weird shapes.
$28 |

One extreme air board, two ways to fly. Switch between stunt board and paraglider mode and own the sky in two different ways with the Air Hogs 2-in-1 Extreme Air Board. With built-in flight assist technology including auto-launch, auto-hover and auto-land, you're sure to achieve a stable and steady flight.
$40 |

Transform real toilet paper into clean spitballs to wipe-out the competition. This toilet papering blaster fires paper up to 30 feet. Load the toilet paper, fill the water tank, pull the trigger and blast away!
$20 |

Yakbot is your back chattin' buddy. These "really rad robots" record and playback messages with cool filter effects. Or play or prank your friends... or ask Yakbot a question and wait for his rad response.
$13 |

Make playtime epic with the Guava Toys Slime Splatblaster. It's made to shoot slime up to nearly 20 feet. Lock and load. But be careful, it may get kids into some sticky situations with the gooey-est ammo around.
$20 |

This super-secret spy mission allows kids to use included clamps and string to create a “laser” field to crawl through. And now, turn the lights out and play in the dark using the UV light goggles. Better hurry! In Chrono Bomb Night Vision, you've got to reach the bomb and save the day before the time runs out.
$30 |

These aren't your ordinary building blocks. Check out E-Blox Power Blox. Seamlessly integrate electronic circuitry & light up your projects and builds. without wires. Power Blox are even compatible with other toy brick sets.
$33 |

These Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes are 100% kid-powered, no batteries required. Run, jump and stomp to launch the Looper, Glider and Wildcat. Then watch them perform amazing stunts and tricks. These planes are the perfect toy to help support STEM development, allowing kids to experiment with trajectory, force and aerodynamics.
$30 |

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