'The Shining' comes to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

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The Shining, an iconic 1980 horror flick starring Jack Nicholson as an ax wielding psycho, is coming to 2017's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, reports the Orlando Sentinel (http://bit.ly/2qbIz0v).

The film will inspire a haunted house for the first time in the event's history. Guests will be able to wind their ways through the movie's hotel and observe Nicholson's character, caretaker Jack Torrance, spiral into insanity.

“We cast the Overlook Hotel as the aggressor and view it as if you have the ‘shining,’” said Charles Gray, an HHN show director, on Universal’s official parks blog. “Our goal is to have you constantly doing a double take and give you that, ‘Did I just see that?’ feeling.”

An American Horror Story house was announced earlier this year as well. Traditionally, the event has eight or nine houses.

Halloween Horror Nights kicks off on September 15th and will wrap up on November 4th.

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