The iconic Spam in a can turns 80!

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Are you a fan of Spam?

Love it or hate it, Spam celebrates a milestone birthday, the kitsch cooked meat in a can turned 80-years-old on Wednesday.

Did you know ?

It first appeared on shelves in America in 1937 and gained worldwide popularity after its use during World War II. It was a key part of the diet for many Allied troops during the war.

Spam has only six ingredients:

    Pork with ham
    Potato starch
    Sodium Nitrite

Spam is also served in many places in Hawaii. There's even a McDonald's there that serves Spam items on its breakfast menu. According to the Spam website, there are seven million Spam products sold each year in the Aloha State.

It was featured in an iconic 1970 Monty Python set in a café which only served dishes containing Spam. This portrayal of Spam led to its name being borrowed for 'unsolicited emails.'

Spam is really not a healthy option to eat on a regular basis. Did you know that each can contains 100 grams of fat, more than 1,000 calories, 240 milligrams of cholesterol, and a whopping 4,696 milligrams of sodium that's double the recommended daily allowance for an adult!

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